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Lone Worker Products

As a designer of Vigicom® safety equipment, Attendance SAS has been offering since 2004 a complete range of Lone Worker Products, also known as the LWP acronym.

Whether it is a GSM or Radio technology, rugged or classic version, ATEX or not, you will necessarily find equipment that meets your needs.


Guard Tour & Incident Reporting Solutions

French designer of Vigicom® safety equipment, Attendance SAS has been developing for more than 10 years, a complete range of guard tour as well as incident reporting solutions. Built for a easy and intensive use, you will find for sure an equipmen...

Walk through metal detector gates and metal detectors

Ergonomics and design have been particularly studied to perform searches without physical contact or patdown. Attendance offers a range of walkthrough metal detectors: the PS-850, powerful and versatile, the PS-980N, mobile and a...

Electronic key management cabinets

Designed and manufactured in France, the Vigicom® AGC range is the best solution to keep your keys safe and track their delivery. Finally, you will always know where are your keys at, and also when and who borrowed them. The Vigicom® AGC-10...

Mobile & GPRS attendance machine

Time management solution in real time. Our installation and maintenance free equipment, contactless, robust and waterproof, will automatically transfer in real time the activity of your staff to our servers.

This solution will allow you to manage your intervention times with ease and remotely!

Torches for security professionnals

The latest generation of LED flashlights made for Security Professionals. Tested and used daily by thousands of security companies in the world, these professional torches have been designed for intensive use in even extreme conditions.

GSM Security System

A burglary takes place about every eighteen seconds: A security system is deterrent!
Activation and alert by text message, protection against power and phone line cuts. With our wireless alarm system, secure homes, vacation homes, RVs, lodges, offices, warehouses, boats and much more. No matter where you are, you...