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Electronic key management

Designed and manufactured in France, these are the ideal solutions to keep your keys and secure distribution.

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Platform monitoring LWP

Attendance SAS has been offering for over 10 years a wide range of DATI Warning Devices, also available in ATEX version.


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Walk through metal detector

Discover our different gantry: the PS-850, powerful and versatile, the PS-980N, foldable, portable and autonomous or even the PS-840IP, waterproof and lightweight


Electronic and IT solutions

for security professionals

Vigicom security products, the firm has been developping mobile electronic equipment for more than a decade for security companies: guard tour systems, electronic logbook systems, radiocommunications, WTMD and metal detectors, electronic key management cabinets, lone worker protection devices

Innovation Price

The Innovation Preventica award.

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LWP, man down devices, lone worker warning device… these words mean the same thing, namely a device capable of detecting an incident, a fall or an assault of the worker, and of alerting colleagues/employers or emergency services.

Lwp Survey

VigiCom equipment

has been designed for intensive and continued use

Attendance offers a wide range of Warning Devices designed for the variety of situations which Lone Workers may face. Since 2010, the company is the leader in LWP GSM equipment sales. their ergonomics were studied and optimized through collaboration with the leading security professionals.

OUR GOAL ? Facilitate your MISSIONS !

Attendance SAS offers electronic and computer solutions to security professionals to help them efficiently carry out their missions.


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